Royal Potato 2 Slot Overview

One of 2021’s more unusual offerings is Print Studios’ Royal Potato. Its odd, but excellent, universe of potatoes in different ranks matched its intriguing features. Royal Potato was the casino game maker’s third release and showed the community their power. It’s hard to be happy with just one potato chip from the bag or one French fry, therefore Print Studios has created Royal Potato 2, which is bigger than the original in many aspects.

The weird, in a good sense, gaming environment players find themselves in has remained the same while other things have altered. Online slots like Royal Potato may inspire an animated film. This fun game has beautifully designed artwork and a variety of unusual characters. Royal Potato 2 is just as immersive as its predecessor, with great use of pixels and ballroom-style royal noises.

Royal Potato 2, a 5-reel, 4-row reelset with 30 paylines, is very unpredictable. RTP is 96.26% in standard mode, although it changes when buying features. Winning combos must include at least three matching symbols and pay left to right from the leftmost side. Starting bets range from 20 p/c to £/€25 every spin.

Equally beautiful pay symbols are employed in the game. After a blue, green, orange, and purple blossom on the lower paying side, 6 premium potato symbols appear. A 5 OAK blossom win pays 1.5 to 3 times the stake, whereas a 5 potato symbol win pays 6 to 50 times. Spud Free Spins is a fun wild feature in Royal Potato 2, but ordinary wilds are not.

Royal Potato 2: Slot Features

Royal Potato 2 has SuperSpinners, a Royal Levy, and feature buys in addition to Spud Free Spins.


SuperSpinners, a Print Studios exclusive, are numbers between symbol reels. Wins through a SuperSpinner are multiplied by its value. SuperSpinner values are applied individually to wins with multiple Spinners.

The Royal Levy

The Royal Levy feature can randomly activate when two King or Queen symbols (the highest-paying symbols) appear in the main game. When activated, King and Queen symbols spin to offer free spins or cash prizes up to 500x the wager. The monetary reward is multiplied by any current SuperSpinner settings.

Spud Spins Bonus

Hit 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols in the base game for 10, 12, or 14 free spins. The Spud Spins Bonus begins with a locked 2×1 Jumbo center symbol. All icons in the symbol panel adjacent to the reels are replaced with the Jumbo symbol. On a win with all active symbols, the Jumbo symbol increases, awards more free spins, and substitutes for more symbols. In the final level, the Jumbo symbol fills the reels and pays the most per spin.

Bag of Potatoes

The Potato Sack symbol on the rightmost reel during Stages 1 to 5 of the Spud Spins Bonus awards one of these modifiers:

Golden Spinner—one SuperSpinner turns golden, increasing its worth by at least x10 for each spin.

Extra Spins—3–6 free spins.

Stage 1-3: Synced Reels gives an extra spin with reels 1 and 2.

Symbol Activation (Stage 4-5) gives an additional spin and activates a panel symbol as though it won.

Feature Buy

The feature buy menu lets payers acquire various features:

Scatter Boost multiplies Spud Spins Bonus triggers by 2.45 for 1.5x the stake. RTP 96.37%.

Enhanced Scatter Boost – multiplies Spud Spins Bonus triggers by 5.37 for 2.5x the bet. RTP 96.47%.

Royal Levy—31.7x the bet activates the feature. RTP 96.67%.

Activates the 100x-bet Spud Spins Bonus. RTP 97.26%.

The Super Spud Spins Bonus occurs with a Potato Sack and Golden Spinner on the first spin for 340x the wager. 97.48%.

Royal Potato 2 Slot Review

Royal Potato 2 is elegant. If you close your eyes throughout the base game, you may imagine attending an upper-crust ballroom dance or symphony, whether the participants are humans or potatoes. The EDM rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon, the wedding tune, adds vitality to the Spud Spins Bonus. In addition, a variety of oddly appealing potato characters go about their business. Naturally, witnessing all this is less shocking the second time, but Royal Potato 2’s concept is still fascinating and well-done.

The sequel to the Royal Potato slot has many of the same gameplay and features as the first, plus some new ones. Good news: all the new stuff improves the experience. One new feature is the Potato Sack in free spins, which hits more often than expected. It stuck in with its altering abilities. Extra feature purchase provide players several ways to play. The standard RTP has dipped marginally, but the feature buys, especially the Spud Spins Bonus, have rock-solid return values. Maximum winnings have increased to 40,000x the stake.

The unchanged sections are at least as nice as before. When it grows to its full size and wins with SuperSpinnners, the Jumbo sign, done like Fat Drac and Fat Rabbit, is fun. In conclusion, Royal Potato 2 is a good sequel with old and new stuff to find, but it doesn’t have the same ‘what the fudge is this?’ appeal.

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